– wonderful ‘frontend’ to GPG and I have invites!

Thanks to a good friend I got an invite to the alpha, and I’ve been given 8 invites by the admins.

The concept is great, a much more user friendly interface to encryption and its completely compatible with GPG.

They also have a really nice way of verifying you twitter account, github account and domains belong to you by pairing it with your GPG key.

I really hope Keybase catches on and ‘popularises’ GPG, I’d love to see some integration with smart phones, hell maybe even a SMS application for being truely paranoid.

Here’s a link to my Keybase profile and if you’d like an invite, drop me a comment on here or tweet me.

EDC Squash – Robinsons Squash’d

As much as I try to drink water, sometimes I just get bored of drinking it… but carrying around a bottle of squash to add to water is cumbersome, and just filling my water bottle with mixed squash usually gets drank before 10am.

But whats this… pocket sized super squash?! That’s right, Robinsons Squash’d, not the cheapest of squashes but its so small and convenient that it more than makes up for it.

Robinsons Squash'd